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If you absolutely need a USB 3.0-compatible Flash drive that can handle being dropped over 30 feet, and is water, dust and heat-resistant, the LaCie Rugged Key is worth considering. Otherwise, there are more affordable and flexible options available, including the Sandisk Extreme USB 3.0, which also comes in higher capacities than the Rugged Key, which tops out at 32GB.

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CNET Aug 13, 2012

The LaCie RuggedKey is one of the best portable, ultracompact, storage devices on the market.

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PC Mag Aug 31, 2012

Although the LaCie Rugged Key (16 GB) is a speedy flash drive that can withstand its share of bumps and bruises, more rugged and affordable flash drives are out there.

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Macworld UK Feb 14, 2012

The Rugged Key is a lot more expensive than an ordinary memory stick, but it could be a good investment for people who regularly work outdoors with their laptop and need extra protection for their important work files.

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MacLife Sep 21, 2012

If you just need an easy-to-carry, multiplatform USB stick that can handle rough weather, the LaCie RuggedKey is worth its price.

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About Aug 19, 2012

This drive would make an excellent choice for a variety of audiences, including those who work in the outdoors and are the mercy of the elements, or for younger students...the drive itself is still exceptionally durable.

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Punataro Punataro

One of the most durable and fastest USB key. But the ruggedness give the key a little too bulky, a little too big for a keychain. Looks like a hand granade.

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The speed is great, exactly what you would expect, it's the high end of USB 2.0 speeds. Durability is great, I've dropped it a couple of times and the rubber casing works great for it and it still works. Portability is good if you have a bag or a big or spare pocket on a coat, but to carry around...

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ChangLil ChangLil

A fast and compact key like this only addressed half my problem. The other half was making sure that if the worst happened and the key got lost or stolen, my private files would be still protected. That's why I was particularly happy to make use of the public-private encryption software that came...

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I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this little portable thumb drive to anyone looking for a rugged mobile drive at a good price Mine has been working flawlessly for many months it can take an amazing amount of abuse and it's still going strong I carry it around on my key ring everywhere The only...

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