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by ZHDTester

Question about Dell Dimension 5150 and Wifi connectivity.
I've been using my Dell Dimension 5150 with XP SP3 upstairs for awhile now, for stuff not on the family computer, like Photoshop and others. But I've reluctantly tried getting the wireless to connect. I've been unfortunate. I use an ethernet cable connected to a Linksys Wireless G Range Extender. It's worked before, but now that I've upgraded my wifi to WPA2, I tend to wonder if that's the problem. And if so, are there any drivers/solutions out there that could fix this problem? Thanks.

by brett

Can you 'daisy chain' two routers?
One of my roommates has an Airport Extreme that just refuses to be set up on our network for some reason. After that mess, we took 2 minutes and set up a Linksys WRT120N that works perfectly. The problem is that one roommate needs his Airport Extreme so that he can hook up his external hard drives. Is it a pain to daisy chain the routers or should it be just as easy as plugging his router into the first ethernet port of the Linksys?

by kandekilla

Recommendations for a good apartment wireless router?
My current router is failing big time. Overheating, dropping connections and lots of other not good things. Even going out on my porch I get a huge drop in signal, and the router is just on the other side of the window. Looking for something with external antennae as I am not fond of my current one with internal. Luckily it is deemed a work security thing so I can buy and get reimbursed for a new router from work for up to $100. Everything in my place is gigabit/cat6 that needs to be wired. For...

by SadBoring

Recommendations for a good 5ghz Wireless Bridge?
I'm looking for a good 5ghz wireless bridge with at least three gigabit LAN ports. Currently, my desktop PC and my Synology DiskStation are connected to my Apple AirPort Extreme via a Netgear 5ghz bridge which has two 100mb ports. This means that Internet traffic goes over the 5ghz link but traffic between the two isn't as fast as it could be if the Netgear bridge supported gigabit. What I want is a 5ghz bridge with at least three gigabit ports (I would like the extra one for my MacBook Pro). I...

by ddpacino

Best dual-mode wireless-N router today?
I still own the Netgear WNR834B from about 2006, and feel that it's time to get it replaced. It's a draft N router anyways. Ive went ahead and added a wireless-N card to my laptop so that all my devices are 802.11n compatiable (360 S, iPad, and Nexus S already have wireless-N built-in). What, in your opinion and experience, is the best dual-mode wireless-N router out today, preferably one with the best range (since I live in a 2-story house with FiOS modem in the basement). Would also like one...

by AzizB

What is a good Wireless N Ethernet Bridge?
I'm looking to replace my Linksys Wireless B Ethernet Bridge with something that supports 802.11N for my Xbox 360. I'd like it to support WPA / WPA2 and was aiming between $40-$60 if possible. I want something more general than the XBOX 360 Wi-Fi adapter so I'm not limited to just the console should I need to use it for something else. Any help is welcome.

by mwlundberg

I'm looking to upgrade my aging Linksys b/g WiFi router to get:
1) wireless N 2) Gigabit wired networking 3) 2 broadcast bands (optional, but would be nice) The Linksys E3000 has all of the above. I had previously been considering purchasing the Linksys WRT310N, but the Amazon and gdgt comments about heat dissipation and dropped connections made me nervous. This is a fairly new release from Linksys/Cisco. Have these problems been solved with the E3000? What are your experiences with this WiFi router? Can anyone suggest a better Wireless-N router with Gigabit...

by ShortDude

My firmware won't upgrade. I have v. 1.0 hardware so it will only upgrade to v. 4.71.4 but I'm currently at v. 2.07.1.
I am connected via ethernet and no one else is using the network. When I click upgrade firmware I choose the .bin file and it starts to upgrade. The loading bar only goes up 2 bars then it says upgrade complete, but when I go back to the page it still says it's v. 2.07.1. I have tried un-plugging it and plugging it back in as well as resetting the router after it says upgrade complete but it still doesn't show an upgrade in firmware. why is this?

by Schilling34

Running Vista 64-bit. Trying to install on STATIC IP address of, subnet, default gateway (from Rural ISP). DNS 205.171.
3.65. From router Web Page, changed router IP to It accepts the changes but HANGS at the next page where it's saving. I tried router IP of but it gives error "router IP equals subnet". I have the latest firmware upgrade from Linksys installed and DHCP enabled. Using the Setup Software, I can get the router to go through the steps of installation until the "connect power cord" page. It hangs and says I'm not connected to the internet. Does...

by sl

Hi guys, I'm female and do not understand all this techie stuff. Can somebody please help in woman language please.
I have an ADSL connection at home and need the WIFI signal strengthened to my upstairs bedrooms. I previously used 3G and still have the WRT54G3G router. Can I replace this router with my current Netgear modem and will the WIFI signal be stronger? Somebody suggested I get the WRT54G router but was wondering if the 3G one will also do the trick?

by rouelibre

Help for busted router
Hi everyone, I am stuck with Linksys WRT54G ver.2 that was cooked by what seems to be an inappropriate wall adapter (polarity). Luckily, the only damage seems to be to the power supply. It actually exploded. I have the the skills and the tools to replace it, but I just can't read the chip number in order to get a replacement. It is UC1, a power device with a soldered heat sink to one end and five legs at the other. It is located (when the antennas are towards you) mid-board to the extreme... Read more →

by adelwyn

Engaging the N Network Mode
It didn't occur to me until recently, that the WRT160N that I had wasn't transmitting in the N mode by default. I have tried switching to the N mode, and my laptop (which is wireless N compatible) simply wouldn't connect. I have tried a number of possible configuration options on the router, including changing the channels and security mode settings. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and how did you get past it?

by ChrisDenney

No Router connection
I hesitated to start a new topic for this as it seemed somewhat similar to the dropped connection topic, but its a bit different so here goes: For some reason this morning, neither the wired PC or the wireless laptop in the house could connect to the internet. I tried all the usual power cycles, restarts, disconnects, etc. but nothing seemed to work. When i plug directly from the modem, its golden. So something is wrong with the router I just don't know what. Any ideas? Oh and unfortunately...

by Arvedui

Question about dual-band and wireless n.
I just bought the WRT320N on a black friday deal, but I'm not sure whether it'll really work or not. I've been told two differing things from two different tech support guys, and so I turn to all of you. My network has one wired computer, three laptops, and my 360. My 360 and one of my laptops only support wireless G, while my other two laptops have wireless N. If I use this router for my network, will my speeds be slowed down to wireless G speeds, so every computer can use it? Or... Read more →

by paralipsis

My WAG160N just bricked itself last night. It appears to have cooked itself, but it wasn't an especially hot night, it wasn't really under load, and it was in a decently ventilated area. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

by cowteets

latency issues
does anyone have this and use it with a mac? i go through periods of terrible latency issues where it will take 2-5 seconds before my browser will load a page .. sometimes the router will just hang and i'll have to turn my airport off and then back on ... i have the 160nv2 .. this thing is awful. thoughts?

by miked378

Dropping connections?
Often (probably a couple times a week), I come home from work and none of my devices (iPhone, laptop) can connect to my home wireless network via this router (WRT54G ver 6 -- the kind you can't install Tomato or other firmware on -- correct me if I'm wrong!). By unplugging the power and plugging it back in, things seem to reset and work fine. Anybody else have this issue? Some more specifics: I'm plugged into a cable modem. I don't broadcast the SSID, and I limit access by MAC...