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With 20 programmable buttons, the G600 is set to put all of your MMO gaming functions at your fingertips. "Twenty buttons might seem like a lot for a mouse, but managing spells, attacks, potions and items can require a hell of a lot more," Destructoid says, pointing out that, for MMOs, "few mice compare." PC World also likes the G600, calling its customization software "a definite win." However PC World also found the mouse's ergonomics a bit challenging, especially given its lack of hardware adjustment options. However, PC World still found it to be one of the "most pleasant and easily customized mice" around, and said, for MMO players, it's "a hard mouse to beat."

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PC World Nov 27, 2012

Despite these hardware issues the G600 one of the most pleasant and easily customized mice I’ve ever used. If functionality, not ergonomics is your primary concern and you’re looking for a quality MMO mouse, the G600 is a hard mouse to beat.

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AnandTech Oct 9, 2012

With the G600, it really does just come down to whether or not the mouse feels comfortable to you, but the design is incredibly smart and I can see a lot of people getting fantastic mileage out of it.

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PC Mag Aug 31, 2012

While it's not as customizable as some of its peers, the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse is a well-designed and reasonably priced gaming mouse for hardcore and casual MMO enthusiasts alike.

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Digital Versus Oct 3, 2012

The design and handling are first rate. Although not all of the 20 buttons are that practical to use, the G-Shift function lets you set two different functions to those you find handiest.

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Digital Versus Aug 20, 2012

Ultimately, the Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse makes sense only for MMO players, and even then only for those right-handers so deeply obsessed they’ll dole out this much money to gain a small competitive edge.

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Computer Shopper Nov 28, 2012

We see this as a mouse for the player who has been seriously considering getting deep into an MMO but isn’t yet deep-set in his or her play habits.

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Destructoid Nov 14, 2012

As an all-purpose mouse it's good, if not quite great, though when compared to other dedicated, programmable gaming mice, it's a bit on the expensive side, heavy, and somewhat specialized.

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GadgetMac Sep 5, 2012

We wouldn't say the G600 isn't a great mouse to use, but the whole MMO-tuned button panel genre really has its drawbacks. The G600 still takes the crown in the MMO geared gaming mice arena.

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Gigabitz Gigabitz

I've only had it a day, but I like it so far. Good Points: Lots of Buttons Infinite Color Palette for backlight (side buttons only) Left/Right Click Wheel Ring-Finger Button Rubber grip for pinkie Not-so-Good Points: Surface needs more grip; it may look textured, but it's not. Sweaty grip...

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Blogomattic Blogomattic

I picked up the G600 to replace my beloved, but ultimately too basic G300. Having smaller hands is a plus when using this mouse, as the 12 side buttons are small and close together; accidentally pressing them is not really a problem for me. There is no laser light leak because their is really...

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