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The Logitech G700s may not be a "must upgrade" for owners of its predecessor, the G700, but it should be near the top of the list for PC gamers in need of a new mouse. Since the design of the G700 already hit all the right marks, Logitech didn't have to change much in the G700s and Hardware Heaven says that's "no bad thing." Destructoid had problems with the grip at first, but still found the G700s to be an "extremely comfortable" mouse, and AnandTech says the layout of its 13 customizable buttons are "basically where your fingers are going to be" and that they "require very little searching." And don't worry about interference issues -- PC Mag says the G700s performs "admirably, with smooth, consistent tracking, no stuttering or lag." With a price of just $99, Logitech's updated G700s is a good choice for new PC gamers who need more advanced, gaming-oriented features like weight tuning and a large array of buttons.

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PC Mag May 29, 2013

Whether you want a simple wired mouse for FPS action or a tricked out wireless mouse with several macros for your favorite MMORPG, the Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Laser Mouse delivers a solid experience that should satisfy most gamers most of the time.

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Computer Shopper Jul 8, 2013

Little about this premium-grade wireless gaming mouse hasn’t been perfectly designed. It’s a great mix of form, function, and cord-free capabilities for just about any gamer, apart from, perhaps, the most extreme MMO fanatics.

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Hardware Heaven May 16, 2013

An evolution of the G700, Logitech's G700s takes an already impressive mouse and improves it in a number of key areas. Without doubt our favourite gaming mouse at this time.

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Destructoid Apr 20, 2013

If you already have a G700, there may not be enough here to warrant an upgrade, but if you're in the market for a gaming mouse, Logitech is pretty much always a solid go-to -- the G700s included.

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GadgetMac Jul 15, 2013

Using the G700s is a treat, despite its underwhelming battery life. Its got the right performance and button arrangement to game with, and ergonomically speaking it is phenomenally great.

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PC Authority Aug 16, 2013

For all this ease and precision, the cable/charging situation is still quite awkward. It’s a shame to have such a great mouse held back by such an odd choice, but given the price premium of $150, we really would expect this mouse to be perfect on all counts.

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Kotaku May 31, 2013

What I really like about it is that it doesn't look like a neon robot about to kill you. If you're looking to upgrade your input, it's an easy recommendation.

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JJForever JJForever

With the declining quality of Razer mice, I agree that the G700s might be one of the best gaming mouse out there right now. I had a good laugh reading this G700s vs Razer Naga Death Match review the other day ( and watching two mice duke it out. It also addressed how to fix...

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TonyViccini TonyViccini

.................BUT NOT A GAMING MOUSE. March 24, 2014 After using Logitech mouses and keyboards for gaming and regular computing since the days of Windows 95, with the G700s is the first time that I've been disappointed and heartbroken, 'cause I was forced to find an other Brand. I...

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Athlios Athlios

First of all, I would like to say that I'm a Logitech fan and I enjoyed most of their products so far. Comfort: It is probably the best Logitech mouse on this field. What I don't like about their mice is that all of them are very curved and pretty small for large hands. As mine are large, my...

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daaz daaz

The design of this mouse is inconsistent as the quality varies from component to component. The main buttons flap, the plastic on them feels really cheap. There is also no firm contact between the button surface and the underlying switch which translates in a gap between the moment you start...

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