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  • Ergonomics Light and contoured back allows it to fit easily into one's hand. great!
  • Device support Logitech has good online support, the onboard support works well and the toll free support has usually been good. good
  • Battery life I can go days without charging it great!
Detailed review
If you have a Harmony One, only buy this remote if you absolutely have to have the latest and greatest. There isn't that much difference to make it worth buying. If not, however, this is an outstanding remote. It is incredibly simple to program via the computer. I have a Mac and it was fully programmed and ready to go within 10 minutes. Even if you're the guy who had the flashing time on your VCR at all times, you should be able to program the Touch with ease. I love the fact you can put custom icons for TV channels and go directly to a specific channel by touching its logo. All in all, an easy-to-use and well-performing universal remote.