August 19th 2009 9:30 am

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by thwarted

Any fix for button hold-down/drag not being registered?
I love this mouse. I bought two. One of them, which I regularly use for playing FPS, where I have the left mouse button bound to move forward (that's just my configuration), has started not staying in the drag/down state while I hold the left button down. It doesn't just happen when playing a game, but also during regular, desktop use. Dragging a window will sometimes suddenly lose grab on the window because the left button, despite that I'm holding it down, is seen as released.
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by nothingreal

Sticky drop-down menus in safari (Mac)?
I've had the mouse for a while and I like it generally, but I'm noticing that if you use a drop down menu in safari and hit the scroll wheel (even a little bit) it will cause the thing to lock up (hitting esc will free it up again).. it happens in a few other apps as well. minor annoyance to be sure, but my previous mouse; the mx revolution didn't do this.