August 19th 2009 9:30 am

Heads up! A newer version of this product is out!


by Levirules

Wondering what mouse I should get!
OK gdgt, here's the deal: Eons ago, around when Quake 2 came out, I folded my hand and picked up my first laser mouse, the classic Microsoft Intellimouse X000. Can't remember which one it was, but t was the awesome silver one that everyone had. Two way scroll wheel with a button, two left side thumb buttons. That thing lasted me through a good 8 years of Counter-Strike. Well, it died 6 months ago, so I whizzed over to Best Buy to pick up a new one. I got the Microsoft Wireless Laser... Read more →

by nofilterjim

Picked up at Fry's in Dallas
I pre-ordered one of these on Amazon but stumbled upon them at Fry's in Plano, TX yesterday so I couldn't resist. Canceled the order from Amazon on my phone standing right on the mouse/keyboard isle. So far so good, the tracking on my wood-top desk works as advertised. All of the buttons are in good position and I think I'm going to like the bottom thumb button. Also, the latest Setpoint driver on Logitech's website works fine with Windows 7.

by ModManKev

Theoretical Improvements Over the MX Revolution
I'm a huge fan of the MX Revolution and wanted to list my favorite upgrades this mouse is bringing. 1. Charging Method - No More Cradle! - You never have to stop using your mouse if the batteries run low, because you can plug in the charging cable (to the normal corded mouse place) and keep on going. 2. Receiver - The MX Revolution just missed the tiny receiver boat, so the new tiny size is a big plus, but also their new "Unifying" tech will let you use one receiver for multiple... Read more →