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CNET Dec 16, 2013

While it doesn't do that much to stand out from the crowded field of Bluetooth speakers in the $60-$100 range, the well-built and decent sounding (for its size) UE Mini Boom is a pretty safe choice for those looking for a very compact wireless speaker.

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Electronista Oct 1, 2013

The new UE Mini Boom boasts a battery that the manufacturer claims lasts up to 10 hours, and is NFC enabled to connect with appropriately equipped devices. When two of the speakers are paired, they can either be put in stereo mode for wide separation, or in "double mode".

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sylvainmtl sylvainmtl

It lacks an auto shut off feature and some battery indicators (low, charging, charged, etc.). I like the very small size that makes it really portable and the good sound. Bluetooth pairing is really easy and price is reasonable.

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liquidmachine liquidmachine

I can't find any real fault with this. I needed it because I had a long term project outside and needed something to get me some good sound. The UE Mini Boom is amazing and at it's price point it's a no brainer. I can't wait to buy another one and use two at the same time. The UE app for this...

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amrasydan amrasydan

Saw this speaker quite a number of times when I was surveying for a small portable speaker but never thought of testing it out as other brands' reputation were a bit more desirable. However, the moment I tried out the audio on this, I was completely blew away. Not only the sound is amazing, it...

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