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81 July 6th 2012 1:44 pm

If you like Apple's Bluetooth keyboard, but you're sick of changing batteries, the Logitech K760 may be just what you need. Not only will you never have to charge it (as long as you have at least some light in your workspace), but the K760 also has an easy switching function, which lets you use the keyboard with multiple devices (such as a Mac, iPad and iPhone), without having to deal with connection settings every time you switch. Downsides? At $80, the K760 is a bit on the expensive side, and, thanks to the row of solar cells above the keys, it's a little less portable than Apple's keyboard.

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CNET Jun 15, 2012

With its built-in solar-powered battery, the sleek Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 will save you money in the long run and is a better deal than Apple's Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.

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Popular Science Jun 8, 2012

Logitech's new K760 keyboard has a solar charger and a fast-switching Bluetooth function that'll get you paired with multiple devices in a snap.

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Macworld Jul 13, 2012

While the K760 lacks the luxuries of a full-size desktop keyboard, such as a numeric keypad, it makes up for those omissions by providing multi-device Bluetooth support and a compact design that’s small enough to toss in your bag.

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Gizmodo Jul 5, 2012

The thing works reliably and exactly as advertised. Now whether or not you'll like the feel of the keys or the overall look of the product is another thing. It just doesn't compare to the best products out there in that regard. But that wasn't really the aim of this product anyway.

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PC World Australia Oct 15, 2012

If you regularly use two or more Apple products and you feel the need to switch between them seamlessly, then the Logitech K760 Wireless Solar Keyboard is definitely for you. The keys are noisy and the caps lock button is annoying, but not having to plug in and charge this keyboard is a great...

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Pocket-Lint Jul 26, 2012

The solar-powered element is great for being able to say you're "doing your bit" and promises to work even if you don't really get to see daylight in your office that often.

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OkayGeek Jun 26, 2012

In our opinion, there is no clear winner between the two but we’d definitely recommend the K760 if you’re tired of your Apple Keyboard batteries dying on you or if you tend to use your Apple Keyboard with your iOS devices often.

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GadgetMac Jun 26, 2012

Logitech's K760 wireless solar keyboard has its drawbacks, and if you don't mind not having ninja silent keys, the K760 is a worthy Apple Wireless Keyboard replacer with some advantages that justify those extra $10.

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agami agami

I was on my way to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard from a competing brand to use with my Samsung ATiV Smart PC Pro 700T when I spotted this beauty. Hubba hubba. I knew Logitech made Bluetooth keyboards and I knew they made solar powered keyboards, but I didn't know they made a solar Bluetooth...

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Cybertoy Cybertoy

It's a great keyboard. Feels good. But the great problem with this keyboard is that you never can access to the boot menu on a Mac. Repeat NEVER. So, you need other keyboard to access for example to recovery partition.

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