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First Looks

product preview
TechCrunch Sep 23, 2013

One neat trick about the Power Cover is that so long as it has energy, it will dump it into the Surface. So, if you have a 90% charged Surface Pro 2 attached to a Power Cover with any battery at all, it will upload that power into the tablet itself, even while stashed in a briefcase.

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product preview
CNET Sep 23, 2013

Microsoft has also shown off a second kind of Type Cover that includes an integrated battery. Only slightly thicker than the standard Type Cover, this would allow the systems to run even longer by combining the internal battery and the secondary keyboard battery.

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product preview
SlashGear Sep 23, 2013

The new Power Cover has been shown off this week as well, here coming in with Type Cover abilities and a battery pack. This battery is able to be charged up on its own, adding what Microsoft suggests is a 50% battery life gain to the Surface 2, Surface Pro, or Surface Pro 2.

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product preview
The Verge Sep 23, 2013

Microsoft also unveiled the Power Cover, which is a Type Cover 2 with a 30 watt-hour battery included. It extends the Pro 2's battery life by up to 2.5x that of last year's Pro, and it features a fabric finish. It's heavy and noticeably thick — there's no getting around that.

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GuruSushi GuruSushi

It's basically a Type Cover (1st gen) that got ticker and heavier because of the battery and *NO* backlit keys. The keys layout are the same as a Type Cover (1st gen): volume keys on the left side of the top row. Also the touchpad and the surrounding area are in material instead of leather like...

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winzayer winzayer

I like the concept, and it is very smart that this even works with the surface pro, showing that microsoft already had this concept in mind a while back. However, given all this time, they really can find ways to shrink the weight of this keyboard/battery. It does however, feel better typing on...

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thomasx thomasx

It provided extra power needed by my surface pro version 1. However, my power cover is not working properly. Just got off the phone with the Microsoft tech support. The problems could not be fixed. The "symptoms" of my defected power cover are: <1> Some time it's not charging fully even...

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Steverday Steverday

for Surface Pro 1, it adds a ton of extra battery life. i generally keep wifi off when in class, and turn it on when im not. i get 7-8 hours of battery.

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panzerfan panzerfan

I have gotten the Power Cover recently, and I am using the cover on a Surface Pro 2 for office productivity and all-around device duty. The Power Cover essentially turns a Surface into an ultrabook, but it does not add any USB port whatsoever. What you get is about 23000mwh worth of battery...

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