by frankspin

Best way to transfer data from old Xbox to new one?
My original Xbox 20GB Pro RROD last week and I realized that I need to get my saved data off of there. What is the best way to go about getting the data transferred over to my new console? Even if I get the old one working it will probably crash again before I can get everything moved over.

by Kanogul

Is tablet integration the future of gaming?
Microsoft unveiled their Xbox SmartGlass tablet software yesterday at E3. This software will allow for users to interact with certain elements of their Xbox console from their tablets. For instance, the user might be able to more easily control streaming videos or get extra data and usability from their games through menus on the tablet. These applications will communicate with the console in real time, instead of being a standalone application like previous apps such as Halo Waypoint.
This... Read more →

by frankspin

Do I need to disconnect the MixAmp any time they're not in use?
I'm very close to putting an order in for the Astro A40 w/ the Mixamp but I just have one question about them. If I'm not using the headphones do I need to disconnect them from the Xbox in order for sound to be passed to the TV since they use an optical toslink cable? I want to make sure I'm not needing to keep disconnecting and reconnecting cables every time I go to use them. Additionally I have a first generation Xbox which does not have the optical audio built into the box so I'd need to use... Read more →

by jonursenbach

Xbox 360 controller shoulder contour accessory?
Was just chatting with the team about the most comfortable gaming controller and Aaron brought up how comfortable the shoulder buttons were on the Gamecube controller due to the contour they had. Had this issue when playing Skyrim this weekend and having the combat system tire my fingers out from repeated (shoulder) button mashing.
So I'm wondering, the Xbox 360 has joystick accessories to get more accurate control, but has anyone created any shoulder accessories to make them more comfortable? If...

by jslick

What do I do with my old 360?
I currently have the new black Xbox 360, however, I also have the original Xbox 360 but the CD drive is not working. Any suggestions with what I can do with this piece of hardware?

I also have a halo edition Xbox 360 with the ring of death. I'm told that I can take the CD drive out and flash it so that it works with the white 360 but I don't know if it's within my ability to do all that. I hear the word flash and I start giving blank stares. Any thoughts?

by N3SSQwiK

Did Final Fantasy XIII destroy your console?
I just bought Final Fantasy XIII (brand new) and when I inserted the disc into my Xbox 360, I kept getting a disc read error message. At other times, the Xbox would recognize the disc as a DVD. Sometimes it would load, but it would stay stuck on the Square Enix logo.
So I decided to do some research and looked up the issue online and to my dismay I've found endless threads about this issue affecting users of both systems. When I first bought the game, it was for the PS3 and it played perfectly.... Read more →

by dave

When you play games (e.g., First-Person Shooters) do you play inverted or standard?
I'm watching members of team gdgt play Call of Duty in the office right now and it reminded me of something I've been meaning to ask. What's your control scheme when playing first-person shooters?

For myself, I play with the Y-Axis inverted. You might say it's the video game equivalent of "natural scrolling."

Which style do you prefer?

by kris

Did your copy of Halo: Reach stop working?
My brother recently complained that he received an email from Microsoft informing him that his copy of Halo: Reach would stop working on September 21, and that as consolation, he would receive a code to download a free Games on Demand copy.
Though he didn't say, it's most likely that he has one of the special free discs they gave out to some users to test a recent security update. The update issued on the 21st for Halo: Reach now makes it impossible for those users to get online with the disc.... Read more →

by peter

Should Microsoft introduce a disc-less Xbox 360?
Michael Wolf asks an interesting question over at GigaOM: "Should Microsoft introduce a disc-less 360?" http://gigaom.com/2011/07/22/should-microsoft-intr... I think he's right that Microsoft would like to get the Xbox 360 to a $99 price point. Besides helping them keep sales of the aging console up -- it's been almost six years since was first introduced -- it'd also help position the 360 as an entertainment device that's competitive with the Roku and Apple TV. Wolf suggest... Read more →

by groovechicken

Is it just me or is Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition kinda broken?
The balance seems to have so horribly distorted that I find myself winning more matches than ever with Blanka against certain characters and finding it nearly impossible to beat even mediocre players who use certain other characters. It's finally gotten irritating enough that I switched to just looking for Super matches instead of AE matches the last time I played. Are others feeling the same way? Are there some simple changes that if I just knew about them I'd get back to a consistent level of... Read more →

by comdak

What is the best capture device to preview/record with OSX (iMac)
- Preferably 720p or higher UPDATE: - My 360 is currently using HDMI, and I would like to maintain that if possible. Can the 360 output on both HDMI and Component if I went the route of the Hauppage HD PVR, as they are different interfaces on the back of the unit? This would also allow me to not need to keep the Hauppage powered on every time I went to use the 360. Thanks!