August 19th 2010 1:59 am

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by piers

What's the best zoom lens for the Nikon D3100?
So, I took the leap towards DSLRs and got the D3100. I was happy with my Coolpix L110 bridge camera but wanted something a bit more professional. My experience with SLRs before the D3100 was the 80s Olympus OM10, making me completely new to the world of DSLRs.
The L110 has a 15x optical zoom, which was fantastic. However, the quality of photos wasn't as fantastic, and I disliked the lack of control I had over what the camera thought was a good shot. While I'm waiting for power adapter to charge... Read more →

by JoshNelson

D3100 Versus D50
I have had the D50 for about 6 or 7 years and bought the D3100 in early 2011. We have tried and tried to like the D3100 but the pictures look terrible most of the time next to the D50 - both running on Auto everything. I am just wondering if we were spoiled by the D50 or if our D3100 has issues. Any body have similar experiences with the D3100? Was it made with inferior parts compared to the D50?