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Nikon ups the ante for consumer DSLRs with the sub-$1,000 D5200, which includes a 24-megapixel sensor, articulated LCD, and very good low-light performance. Photography Blog calls it "a great all-round DSLR that's well-suited to a lot of different users and experience levels," citing its "compelling mix of excellent image quality, straight-forward handling and quick performance, all in a light and compact body." CNET UK likes the D5200's "excellent low-light performance" and says the camera "makes it easy to make the most of your photography, whatever the conditions." Despite the great image quality, the D5200 isn't the best camera for shooting video. Digital Versus also points out that, high megapixel count aside, it's "not very different from the D5100," its predecessor, which is still available for about $300 less.

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PC Mag May 3, 2013

Excellent image quality. Fast autofocus. 4fps continuous shooting. Sharp vari-angle LCD. 39-point autofocus system. Fast to start and shoot. 1080i60 video capture. Wi-Fi and GPS add-ons available.

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Digital Photography Review May 16, 2013

The Nikon D5200 is a solid performer that delivers excellent image quality and impressive high ISO performance along with an articulated screen and a control interface appropriate for users stepping up to a DSLR.

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CNET UK Jan 9, 2013

With excellent low light performance, reliable results and speedy access to the most common settings, the D5200 makes it easy to make the most of your photography, whatever the conditions.

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Pocket-Lint Feb 4, 2013

For its £720 price tag, the Nikon D5200 draws in the D7000's autofocus system and, considering that and the new 24-megapixel sensor's overall image quality, it's a DSLR that's a step beyond its predecessor.

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8.0 Cameras Mar 12, 2013

If you’re an action photographer that likes shooting the occasional video too, then this might sound like a good buy. If not, consider the aging—but still relevant—D5100 instead.

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TrustedReviews Jan 30, 2013

The developments to the D5200’s internal specification – most notably the 39-point AF system and 24.1MP sensor – result in a truly impressive specification for a consumer model. It delivers stunning image quality and is a pleasing camera to use, but is it really worth the additional £300 or...

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Digital Versus Jan 29, 2013

...the D5200's want of innovation shows through in its rating, which it has just barely maintained its four stars. Let's cut to the chase: if you already have a D5100, especially one purchased recently, then there's no reason to get a D5200.

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Camera Labs Mar 12, 2013

The handling is better than its predecessor and there are some nice touches, like the intelligent Auto ISO override in PASM modes, the viewfinder grid overlay and the redesigned info panel. But there's still room for improvement and niggles to be ironed out.

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TechRadar Feb 12, 2014

The Nikon D5200 is a solid performer that delivers images with well-controlled noise and plenty of detail, albeit with slight banding in some images taken at IS0 3200 and above.

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Photography Blog Jan 14, 2013

The new Nikon D5200 may not reinvent the wheel in any way, but it is undoubtedly a great all-round DSLR that's well-suited to a lot of different users and experience levels, exactly what a mass-market camera should be...the Nikon D5200 is once again a...winner of our Highly Recommended award.

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First Looks

product preview
Digital Photography Review Nov 1, 2012

Overall though the D5200 looks like it should be a perfectly pleasant and capable little SLR, offering a specification that wouldn't have looked out of place on a top-end SLR only a few years ago.

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product preview
PC World Australia Nov 7, 2012

Nikon's refresh of its enthusiast-consumer D5XXX range brings together the high-resolution, pixel-dense 24.1-megapixel sensor from the D3200 and the high-quality metering and 39-point autofocus system of the D7000. It seems to hit a good compromise between the entry-level D3200 and the aging D7000.

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product preview
TechRadar Jan 10, 2013

The fact that the D5200 doesn't introduce anything new apart from the sensor is a bit disappointing. It is a fairly predictable upgrade to the D5100 that borrows features from the D7000 above it in the lineup.

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