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data Cameras Jun 3, 2008

The Nikon D60 sits in an odd niche in the market. It's not the least expensive well appointed digital SLR you can buy, and for just a few dollars more you can buy a substantially superior camera. Imaging performance shines when it comes to noise, and the responsiveness while shooting is...

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Pocket-Lint Feb 19, 2008

Nikon’s D60 replaces the equally compact D40x and throws in a set of new features including the excellent Nikon EXPEED image processor

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ivansf ivansf

I've been using this camera with the kit lens and another one I bought for portraits. (50mm f1.8) I must add, to potential buyers that if you are considering getting this one or the D90 remember that the D60 doesn't come with a motor so you need your lenses to come with a motor if you...

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jeffreygee jeffreygee

There are not many bad things to say about the D60. With the right lenses, it would be very simple to capture great photos in any conditions (low light, long distances, macro, etc.). The 18-55mm DX is a decent beginner lens for practically any condition except very low light. I needed to take...

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cczerniak cczerniak

Went from point and shoot to the D60, and it was a easy transition. I am now on manual mode more often but when my wife wants to take pictures she is able to just pic up the camera and start shooting. I find the menus rather easy to navigate. I am able to switch settings on the fly in order to...

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jalinen jalinen

I purchased this camera from a professional camera store and got the gold plated body. Love the camera; nothing but good things to say about it; wish it had hd video, using two main lenses with this camera that came with the purchase. I currently dont use RAW settings but will do so soon. Takes...

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cjtylr cjtylr

The Nikon D60 is a great starter dSLR that's easy to learn to use. It was the first dSLR I ever had, and I learned a lot from it before I switched to the Canon 60D. It does not shoot video, which became annoying after a while. No live view mode either.

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insomaniac insomaniac

This was my first real SLR, and after the initial learning curve of stepping up from a point and shoot, this camera is great. It's compact, lightweight, fits into a bag easily, and comes with a very solid 18-55mm kit lens. You can pick it up and start shooting instantly. The image quality...

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