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by AkAMOtS

Gigabyte OC Nvidia 650 2GB or Gigabyte OC Nvidia 650ti 1GB?
Im planning to buy a graphic card, and I know some of you would take it as a silly question, but my main doubt is about the vga memory diffrence of 2 gb and 1gb.
Ill be playing in 1360x768 or 1080p or 1920x1200. And no dual monitor setup.

So should I go for a 1gb 650 ti, or 2gb 650 will be needed for great fps fro the stated resolutions ?

Please dont suggest me any other GPU, specially for AMD fans :)

by AkAMOtS

XBOX 360 or Upgrade for PC
Following the rumours of the next generation Xbox..so called Xbox 720, i am now confused. I was planning to buy Xbox, but now I am thinking of an upgrade for PC would be better. I cant wait for E3 2012 to announce the Xbox news officially because it will be aired in July. What should I do?
My current desktop specs:
Intel Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20 Ghz 3.19 Ghz
4 Gb RAM DDR3 2.99 Usable
32 bit OS Windows 7
Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT
With these specs, i dont play games at extreme graphics, but with some decent... Read more →

by jdillingham

What is the best way to share an Apple 27" LED Display with a MacBook Air (ADC) and a PC (DVI or VGA)
I am currently running a setup that has two monitors each paired with two computers (my Macbook Air + 27" LED Display and my PC + Asus 21.5" Monitor), and would like to get rid of my older Asus monitor, extra desk and simply plug my Apple Macbook Air into my Apple 27" LED Display when I need to as well as use this same monitor for my PC. From what I've seen there is little out there that will allow this. Any good product solutions would be appreciated, if they even exist. I realize there is at... Read more →

by kylesturgeon

Black screen after updating Nvidia driver
I tried updating to the 280.26 driver for my Nvidia GeForce G210M GPU in my Sony Vaio--the install hung up so I had to reboot and now all I get is a black screen after I log in to Windows 7. I can't see/do anything after I type my password in. I get the same black screen when I boot into Safe Mode. I've seen a few suggestions to fix this problem, but all involve changing settings which I cannot see/access with this black screen. Anyone else have this issue or know of a solution?

by puzder

Anyone have a Dell XPS 17?
I just ordered a Dell XPS with "2nd generation Intel Core i7-2720 processor" 8Gb RAM and "NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M 1GB graphics with Optimus" video card. Wondering if anyone has a similar setup. Havent seen any reviews with that particular setup. Thanks