January 7th 2013 12:47 am


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by DanCooper

How would you change NVIDIA’s Shield?
The whole point of NVIDIA’s strange, experimental handheld console was that it could stream PC games straight to it. Rather than stopping there, however, the device also could play any Android title, as well as all of the other internet-based stuff you expect from a smartphone or tablet. When we shoved the device into Ben Gilbert’s hands, he found that the Shield was fine for Netflix, browsing and... Read more →

by rchiiibob

I want to play PilotWings 64 while I commute!
I used to really enjoy playing Nintendo’s PilotWings 64, back in the day!   Flying the Rocket Belt around, exploring and looking for those gold stars.   Shooting Mario out of the cannon, and making the face on the mountain change into Wario!   Cool stuff!   I wish it were available for me to play now, on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, running Android 4.3.   I tried playing it using an emulator, but the gameplay was awful!   The sound was horrible, all scratchy and stuttery.   The... Read more →