January 7th 2013 12:47 am

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  • Game library Android Games. Emulators/ROM's. PC Streaming great!
  • Graphics Don't get me wrong, who doesn't want a full HD screen, especially nowadays. But honestly, at that size and what you are paying for it, its fantastic. good
  • Battery life Are you kidding? 10 hrs easy of battery life while playing games is phenomenal. Not to mention up to 25 hrs of movie watching. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) It's a great size for sticking in your backpack. And let get real, if you're not gonna be out for a while you have your phone. IF not you have this. good
  • Durability I Bring it to the oil rigs with me every hitch, and it goes without saying that its not exactly a safe place for technology to be. great!
Detailed review
So basically, I was a bit sceptical as far as the Nvidia Shield went when I first saw it. After reviewing extensively, and finally ordering it, I found that I was more than pleased with what I purchased.

I have an Iphone 5s for my everyday phone(for a few reasons), not an android based phone. My Iphone does everything I want it to, as far as a phone goes. If I'm bored, I have little mindless games to play for a few mins when I'm waiting for my gf. But There's nothing worse than playing on an Iphone for more than a few minutes let alone an hour. The Nvidia Shield comes to the rescue in this regard. It's large enough to fit comfortably in my hand without being too heavy or bulky. Yet compact enough to stick in my bag.

The price point at $250 seems a little steep for some people, but think about how much one android phone costs, without the phenomenal battery life. Without the awesome controller. Upwards of about $600. Sure the PS Vita is a little cheaper, but you're also stuck with their games. Also formatting files to be able to play on it.

Anything you can do with an android phone you can do with the shield(minus cellular network obviously). And add the button mapping, making android games feel more like a real game and not just a time killer. The Emulators. The PC Streaming. The video files that you can play using any multitude of the player apps.

I work as a Medic on the Oil Rigs working 12-16 hour days. I do a lot of sitting around, waiting for someone to get a booboo. Its nice to have something small with so much power, yet also so versatile, with me for those long days.

If you're not a gamer, don't get it. It's not for you. It was made for US.

But if you ARE a gamer, and are forced (like so many of us) into the outside world, this product is for you.