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by FreakQuincy

LG 60LB711 (OR) Panasonic TC-60AS650U??
Help! I am torn between two televisions. The LG 60LB711 ( and The Panasonic 60AS65U( I am going to purchase one of these but cannot decide. The new LG has that really cool WebOS interface, I saw one at Best Buy and the picture looked pretty dang good. The Panasonic also has a sleek new interface but doesn't look at interesting as the LG. I have not been able to see one of these for real yet. But I know... Read more →

by vekotin

How to make a simple new HDTV setup?
I am finally planning to move from SD to HD in my TV. The TV set I have in my mind is Panasonic Viera TX-P50G30Y 50" Full HD plasma TV. I have understood that the speakers of these flatscreen TVs are not so good so I am also planning to get NuForce Icon2 amplifier and pair of Amphion Helium 410 speakers. My plan is to hide the amplifier in the cabinet and leave it always on so that it doesn't need to powered on or off with remote control (I have a Logitech Harmony 700 and with my current setup... Read more →

by realsoda

Which Camera is best?
I'm in the market for a new camera, which one would you get. The Panasonic GF3, Olympus E PL-3, or the Sony NEX-C3. I also considering waiting for the successor to the NEX-5 or for Canon & Nikon's future mirror less options. I want to buy the camera around September. What do you guys recommend?

by AzizB

Is there a blu-ray player that lets me set a sleep timer, or shutsdown after a given time?
My family's blu-ray player has a power-off mode, but only if nothing is happening. When a DVD or Blu-Ray goes back to the menu, it assumes the device is still playing and so it does not shut down automatically. Is there a blu-ray player that would let me set my own timer (like my old Panasonic DVD-S27) or shutdown even when I'm on a movie's menu? I know the PS3 has a feature, but my PS3 is the original model and super loud, so I'm looking for something that consumes less power and is quieter.

by saambarati

Please excuse my ignorance on the subject
So I Want to set up my PS3 with my Yamaha 5.1 surround sound 5.1 home theater package. I was wondering what level of audio quality this is, and whether or not I should set up an HDMI from my ps3 to my audio receiver then run an hdmi out to my tv or run hdmi from my ps3 to tv then from my tv to my audio reciever. I just bought a new 50" panasonic viera plasma with the THX mode. Model Model: TC-P50G20 | And my audio receiver is a yamaha natural sound av receiver rx-v367. What is the best way... Read more →

by saambarati

So yesterday I got a 58" plasma from Panasonic; Model: TC-P58S2
Now I have a few questions(Sorry, this is my first HDTV, I know, some of these may sound dumb): I was wondering which technology is better at the present moment, HDMI or component cables, and if HDMI is indeed better, which is the best HDMI cable I can get. I was also trying to get a blu-ray player, I was thinking of getting a PS3, how does the blu-ray quality on the PS3 match up to other players, also, should I get an HDMI cable for my PS3 if I decide to go that way? thanks so much for your...