October 24th 2012 7:26 am

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roihiyake roihiyake

Even though some claim this as a gaming headphones, I believe it fits better as a music headphones so I'll be reviewing it like a music headphones. First impression out of the box is that I am pretty amazed that Razer actually gave you 2 sets of cables. One with inbuilt mic and one without. The...

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Weii Weii

I would say one of the best headphones for music and gaming made by Razer. Its sound quality is top notch, the bass is strong and can be heard. Very configurable, allows me to configure the amount of bass I want and change the equalizer (EQ) settings in Razer Surround. Its design needs some work...

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HoshouNeko HoshouNeko

Iam not an expert on sound quality, but electra have better quality then other headphones at the same price range. Very comfy, but some friends said it was too tight for them, great sound isolation. You can connect it to a smartphone, and use it for calls or music. Looks like a new, despite a...

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FireSnyper FireSnyper

I've been using the Electra as my daily driver for two years now, and I have to say, this is one SUPER good headphone. The bass response is great without drowning the mids and highs, the ONE THING I look for in a headphone (I listen to Monstercat everyday). I like the black version's minimalistic...

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