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88 March 14th 2012 2:48 am

It's not the most blow-the-doors-off set-top box on the market, but for under a hundred bucks there are few easier, cheaper ways to play all kinds of content from the internet (including HBO GO), as well as full 1080p video. And if you don't need the USB, Ethernet jack, and casual games, you can save $20 on the otherwise identical 2 HD.

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CNET Aug 15, 2011

The simplicity, affordable price, and superior programming selection of the Roku 2 XS make it the go-to choice for buyers looking for a sub-$100 solution for accessing the increasingly attractive panoply of online streaming-media services.

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PC Mag Aug 11, 2011

The Roku 2 XS puts a ton of online content, including Angry Birds, at your fingertips and on your television affordably, but it doesn't seem as useful as it did years ago, before many Blu-ray players and HDTVs offered the same services and more.

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AnandTech Sep 30, 2011

With low cost comes the lack of features, and what we end up with is a media streamer that works well only within limited parameters. Take it out of the comfort zone ... and you are bound to be disappointed.

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IGN Oct 31, 2011

If you can live without the bells and whistles that come with alternatives like the Apple TV and Google TV, the Roku 2 is a great set-top box companion at a very affordable price.

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TrustedReviews Mar 5, 2012

It's difficult to know what to make of the Roku XS. On the one hand it does what it'd designed to do very well – make internet video-on-demand services very easy to access via your TV. However, it's currently lacking some key services and we think it's frustrating that it doesn’t allow you to...

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jamiehs jamiehs

I really love my Roku devices. The key here is really ease of use. Having said that, there is one thing about the Roku that frustrates me: The on-screen keyboard. It's relatively clunky and is quite slow to use. Other than that, I love the device. Oh and the price isn't bad either!

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russg russg

Other than not having DLNA this little box is great! I use it to supplement my abilities for various media and mostly use it for Amazon Prime. It is small, the manufacturer delivers regular updates and actually listens to the community.

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alvincev alvincev

I have never owned a Roku before, but I was surprised on how compact and lightweight the unit was. I wished the load time was quicker and I didn't have to put in a credit card to activate the unit. But overall, the item is quick and easy to use, and it serves my purpose as a multimedia device....

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prhime prhime

The update to the wildly popular Roku 1 has some great additions. This device is very transportable and takes up minimal space on your setup. The online forum is pretty active and they have been good with rolling out updates. The gaming remote that is included is a nice feature and will likely be...

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OleGrumpy OleGrumpy

an excellent tool for the cord cutter. Still a few gaps to fill. the plex channel helps a lot allowing indirect access to broadcast tv or the streaming sites of some channels.

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rusgrafx rusgrafx

Overall XS is a great little box, but not without a few pitfalls. Namely... 1) No support for NAS/DLNA right out of the box 2) No support for Youtube 3) Interface for Netflix might use some facelift, like search by artist.

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ariaxu ariaxu

A great media streamer for those that don't care about DLNA video or network drives. Can play video off a USB drive or from any number of commercial channels. Large number of off-the-record channels available online. Limited selection of games. Credit card OR Paypal account required for initial...

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