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by nitehawk

I am thinking of getting my parents either a Roku or Apple TV for a Christmas present.
Currently they do not have a Netflix subsription so that's something I would consider including for a month or two as part of the present. My biggest overall concern is that I do not have either product myself so I do not know how user friendly these are to married empty nesters in their 50s. My parents would likely use it on their 10+ year old monster 65" rear projection tv so HD is a must. They have a very nice speaker system too, but I don't think that should really affect the... Read more →

by Eddie

I really like the idea of one of the Digital Media Players (or whatever you want to call them).
While I can do all the different parts they enable individually, its a pain in my butt and it would be grrreat if I could have one box attached the TV/interwebs to bring it all together. So basically my question is (now that I've been able to see the BoxeeBox and there is a new Apple TV reported) what, really, is the difference between all the options? It seems like Boxee will offer Hulu but the others wont? I am assuming they all do the job of aggregating your existing media on the... Read more →