October 27th 2009 8:30 am

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I picked up my Roku HD as a christmas gift and I love it as a streaming appliance for netflix and the other streaming sources so far.

The video quality is great for the HD and SD instant movies you can get through netflix. I also enjoy catching the latest episodes of TWIT.TV and Revision. I still think there is room for more content.

I will give kudos to Roku for ease of use and simplicity. It was very easy to setup and get connected to my wireless network. Adding channels was fairly straightforward. Click on the app's icon, get a code, go to that apps website, input code, and its linked.

I currently have 150+ instant movies queued up in netflix but having to navigate through every single one to get to the one I was to see is very painful. Although the remote is very simplistic with only 9 buttons, it is also a negative. I just hope Roku will had some enhancement to their interface and possibly open up development of a more advanced remote to please their advanced users.

I think this is a great device for your average media consumer but true tech enthusiasts will be left wanting more. I want to have more content at my fingertips. This is a great device for those that don't know how to build a HTPC or hook up their laptop to their TV to watch movies and internet video content.