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72 March 17th 2012 11:09 pm

Price cuts have made this Android-powered portable media player, which once cost $70 more than a comparable iPod touch, a potentially viable option. Now available for about the same price as a touch, it includes an FM radio, the ability to add extra storage via a microSD card slot, GPS, and, of course, a much larger screen. That big screen makes it a little bulky, and most people will probably still prefer the touch (or the Galaxy Player 4.2), but if you're looking for something smaller than a full-size tablet, but with most of a tablet's features, the Galaxy Player 5's lower price makes it at least worth considering.

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PC World Jan 5, 2012

Offering specs similar to its iOS rival, the Galaxy Player 5.0 makes a gallant attempt at beating the iPod Touch at its own game, but falls short in audio quality.

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Laptop Magazine Nov 17, 2011

Unless they really want the larger 5-inch screen, platform-agnostic users will probably not find enough reasons to pay $70 more for the Galaxy Player 5.0 than they would for the iPod touch, which has more apps, a more colorful screen, and a better camera.

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CNET Dec 2, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 is a tough sell. If you're looking for a fun, pocketable, kid-friendly media player with a glut of games and apps, the $199 iPod Touch is a slam dunk. ... 7-inch tablets like the Amazon Kindle Fire or Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet offer more media bang for your buck.

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SlashGear Nov 2, 2011

This device is good for bringing along on the airplane to play some videos and play some simple games, for handing to your kid if you don’t want him to smudge up your $400 smartphone, and for showing off your tiny portfolio.

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Liliputing Dec 2, 2011

If it weren’t for the [$270] price tag, I’d have no qualms recommending this mini-tablet for anyone looking for a small Android device for watching movies, surfing the web, or playing games without requiring a monthly data plan.

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51circles 51circles

I bought this primarily as a media consumption device and e-reader. To that end, the size is absolutely perfect. Video looked terrible in every video app I tried (mostly streaming). As an e-reader this device failed miserably. I bought this as an alternative to a Kindle Fire because I liked the...

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mixerman mixerman

I travel for a living and needed something that I could pack and go. Needed glasses to be able to use the iPod Touch. This is the right size for me as I have trouble reading the smaller print on smaller devices (read getting old). Pull it out of my bag on a plane and instant entertainment. My...

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dorinbro dorinbro

Will write a full review in the next days as I`m testing the batery life in major test FULL DAY MUSIC, HALF A DAY VIDEOPLAYER, and 1-2 DAYS Internet Wi-Fi programs. Will be back in a few days.

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ksaravia0921 ksaravia0921

I owned this product for less than a year and I hated it. As a simple media player, it is serviceable, but don't even try using this for tablet or smartphone needs. The software is pretty bad and the hardware isn't amazing. But, I will hand it one thing, it is really durable surviving things that...

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Orkekum Orkekum

AS said, only device i can listen to internet radio(streamed through an app), having a phone as portable wifi hotspot, and this device plugged into hearing protection. Works fine, smooth and painless experience to browse the web. GPS is a fun addon, getting a free third party GPS program makes it...

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