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87 April 28th 2013 8:48 pm

Samsung gets just about everything right with its F8000 series, with what critics are calling the best picture quality available on any LCD TV, along with the best smart TV system you'll find anywhere. TelevisionInfo.com calls it "simply a great television" that "produces an excellent picture." HDTV Test calls it "the best LED-driven LCD TV we’ve seen thus far as far as image quality is concerned." The smart TV features boast an intuitive interface and speedy performance, thanks to the TV's advanced processor. TelevisionInfo calls the F8000's smart system "the best we've used." If the F8000 has one downside, it's its premium price. As HDTV Test puts it, "we’re left wondering how much of this goodness is going to filter down to more affordable Samsung LED TVs."

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CNET Jun 20, 2013

The excellent yet expensive Samsung UNF8000 is a tour de force of LED LCD TV design, features, and picture quality.

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Pocket-Lint May 30, 2013

There’s no doubt that Samsung’s big F8000 is a formidable example of LED TV art. Both in terms of aesthetic design and feature functionality, it’s a front runner, with images that are blisteringly sharp and vibrant.

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Reviewed.com Televisions Apr 8, 2013

The F8000 is simply a great television. If you have the money and you want to experience what could potentially be the future of how we view content, consider this TV. At the end of the day, Samsung is the ringmaster, and the F8000 is one amazing show.

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T3 Jul 30, 2013

All things considered, it's difficult not to be impressed by this flatscreen flagship. Cosmetics are first rate and the feature spec is unrelentingly ambitious.

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TechRadar Oct 18, 2013

The Samsung UE55F8000 has thrown down the gauntlet to the rest of the TV world. Now we just have to see if anyone else has the skills and the confidence to pick it up.

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HDTVTest Mar 21, 2013

The Samsung UE55F8000 is a true upgrade over last year’s ES8000 series, and is the best LED LCD television that we’ve ever tested when it comes to picture quality.

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Digital Versus Aug 12, 2013

The Samsung F8000 certainly has more bells and whistles than any other TV on the market, from S-Recommendation to voice and motion control. The picture quality, however, is disappointing. We expected more out of a TV like this.

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Expert Reviews Apr 19, 2013

It is state of the art in terms of features and it looks cutting-edge too. Picture quality is outstanding for an LCD TV, with accurate colours, sharp images and deep blacks that are verging on those we expect from plasma panels.

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FlatPanelsHD Jun 13, 2013

All in all, we believe that Samsung has created a great TV with F8000. The new Smart TV platform provides a solid foundation to build on but our excitement has to do with the picture quality.

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First Looks

product preview
Pocket-Lint Jan 7, 2013

To be fair to Samsung, this TV does look absolutely stunning too. There's a super-thin bezel that's very impressive, including what are called "rose gold" accents.

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product preview
TrustedReviews Jan 9, 2013

Studying the UE60F8000's pictures, the positive impressions continue for the most part. Colours are every bit as bold as we're used to seeing from high-end Samsung LCDs, and they're explosively bright too, battling through the bright show lighting more strongly than most.

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doctran doctran

-No audio rating, since I had a soundbar hooked up. The F8000 integrates well with it and my DirecTV HR34 unit. -Giant footprint is a problem, I had to buy some wood to place it on my dresser. -The Voice Control randomly pops up. This mutes the sound and is a bothersome nuisance.

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albiondotcom albiondotcom

Nice pick if you want perfect image quality and a design piece in your living room. Almost no border around the LED-Display. The comfort remote control is nice, but navigating through apps or the internet (esp. typing) is sometimes annoying, you might want to buy the bluetooth keyboard as an...

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