June 27th 2009 2:37 am

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When the Dreamcast first debuted in Japan before crossing the shores to other lucky countries, it caused a Media Frenzy, with wide-eyed gamers snapping up the Bright Orange Boxes with the iconic 'Swirl' Logo. I was awed with the Graphics and Performance of the Dreamcast upon playing my...

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OC43 OC43

This is the one of the console that i had.It is really awesome console for its time. Have it with rumble pack,memory and one extra controller if my memory serve it right. Graphic i will say is pretty good for its time and the rumble pack is one hell of a force feed back,i mean it is really...

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GdgtBear GdgtBear

I had one these bad boys at Best Buy off the dusty bottom self on the floor the year they were discontinued. It never really played because it would freeze for no reason while playing the sonic game it came with. But its cool to say i had the last console Sega made that started a new graphic...

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Ryudo Ryudo

My fave system ever and when it came out blew everyones minds and so ahead of it's time it set standards we are still using and Xbox systems took many elements from DC like the controllers and Xbox live

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