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Sennheiser takes what makes their Momentum headphones so good, and puts it into a smaller, cheaper on-ear version that still delivers great sound. The On-Ear version looks pretty much identical to its bigger brother, minus the leather. This doesn't take away from the premium comfort and feel, with Expert Reviews calling them "beautifully designed, sturdy and remarkably light." The obvious design change is the switch to an on-ear form factor (versus over-ear), but T3 calls them "superlative" in the comfort department. Being on-ear also means they're not ideal for blocking out outside noise, so you may need to stick to over-ear or ear buds in crowded places. What you will get is what Trusted Reviews calls a "fun and enjoyable" music experience, and Pocket-Lint says they don't "disappoint" and were "consistent" throughout audio tests. If you liked the original Momentums but didn't have the financial means to purchase a set, the cheaper On-Ear model delivers everything the larger set does at a more wallet-friendly price.

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PC Mag Sep 27, 2013

The comfortable Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones deliver a boosted-bass response that manages to not overwhelm the overall balance of the mix.

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CNET Oct 23, 2013

As you can probably tell, we liked the Momentum On-Ear. It delivers the type of sound you'd expect from a headphone in this price range and has a nice look to it with good build quality. My only small reservation is the fit.

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Pocket-Lint Jul 30, 2013

Trim back the leather, cut the price - but without any cut-back on sound quality - and the Momentum On-Ears truly deliver an audio experience that both looks and sounds glorious. Well worth their asking price.

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Reviewed.com Headphones Mar 28, 2014

$199 isn't exactly chump change, and the Momentums just don't win on every front. Perhaps most importantly, the Momentums' audio performance is eclipsed by similarly priced products like the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro, which you can find online for about $50 less.

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T3 Jul 29, 2013

It's hard to fault these Sennheisers on execution. Maybe the band-construction and lack of foldability will put buyers off, but their rugged construction means that not using the carry case doesn't result in immediately broken headphones (at least during testing).

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Digital Versus Sep 11, 2013

If you're hesitating between the Momentum and the new Momentum On-Ear, the only question you really have to ask yourself is: which do you prefer, over-ear or on-ear headphones? ... the sound quality is just as stellar on both.

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TrustedReviews Aug 18, 2013

The Sennheiser Momentum On-ear headphones look good, sound good and feel good for a pair of on-ear headphones. There’s just one problem. Noise isolation isn’t great, so they’re not well-suited to noisy environments.

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pizzaktive pizzaktive

I bought these as a replacement for my broken Bose OE2 headphones. The sound quality is as good as Bose, and I could get better volume levels from Sennheiser. I cannot use them at work because after two three hours of usage it really hurts your ears. It is great for occasional/travel usage.

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Anttipoika Anttipoika

While using longer periods my ears do get a bit sore. I would say that the cups are not quite big enough to be super comfortable. Soundquality is very good. Most probably not the best you could get, but in this price range they do deliver a very nice sound. Design is very nice. I think that...

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grimroz grimroz

My first pair of on-ear headphones turn out to be an utter disappointment. I decided to invest a good amount on a decent pair of phones and having read many brilliant reviews decided that these would be ideal for me. The design and appearance of the headphones all exude quality and style...

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logicrulez logicrulez

I received these headphones on a Friday and returned them by Monday. They sound really good for the music I listen to(Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock). There is enough bass, but it's not strong or deep. I didn't expect it to be due to the size(on-ear). The ear pads are some kind of velvet...

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mramadan mramadan

Since the first moment of unpacking the headset you can touch the german engineering in every millimeter of the headset. the elegant finishing specially the way of how is the metal are combined with the leather to give you that singularity feeling, also the carrying case and the protection bag...

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