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85 September 30th 2014 11:36 am

The Momentum headphones were Sennheiser's attempt to build a more stylish and hip headphones set, but the new Urbanite headphones take a more utilitarian approach with a foldable headband and sharper design. However, one thing that's the same is Sennheiser's commitment to good audio and comfort, which the Urbanites more than deliver.

Critics universally praised the look and design of the headphones, with PC Mag calling them "handsome" and CNET noting they're "well-designed." TrustedReviews took special note of the foldable design, as it allows them to become "as small as possible," which is great for travelers. Despite the plastic construction, Inner Fidelity says the build is "simply top-notch."

The original Momentums had a bit of a prominent bass presence and while the Urbanites also have it, Slashgear says they also don't "dismiss the rest of the soundscape." PC Mag finds the sound quality "balanced" with "crisp highs and rich, powerful bass." If you're worried about sound leakage, don't -- CNET notes the Urbanite headphones do a "good job" at keeping outside noises from getting in, largely assisted by the comfortable velour ear cups.

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PC Mag Sep 11, 2014

Sennheiser's Urbanite on-ear headphone pair offers a rewarding, rich sound signature, with a perfect balance of slightly boosted bass and well-defined mids and highs.

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CNET Sep 26, 2014

The Sennheiser Urbanite XL is a well-designed Beats competitor that costs less and sounds as good or better.

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Inner Fidelity Sep 15, 2014

Head-to-head with the other headphones currently in the $200 on-ear category the Urbanite faired well, but did not particularly stand out in the crowd. With a punchy slightly emphasized bass and very good bass to mids transition, the Urbanite is the best of the group in this area.

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SlashGear Sep 19, 2014

A timeless look, high quality sound, and extremely high quality hardware make the Sennheiser Urbanites a no-brainer.

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TrustedReviews Sep 29, 2014

Good looks, a practical design and bass with balance make the Sennheiser Urbanite headphones a good choice for the more discerning basshead.

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ProneAlien ProneAlien

Kind of weird, but also kind of nice. I'm a little short on words right now, but I'll make sure to write something more concrete when I have the time. Here's a few nuggets for anyone wanting some beef on these fairly new headphones. They are super comfortable as advertised in the borderline...

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netzkobold netzkobold

Absolutely love these headphones, had Beats Studio before but the build quality of the Sennheiser is a world of a difference. They feel very comfortable and sound is stunning.

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Nuraya Nuraya

I was really impressed with these headphones until about three days in when the tips of my ears were hurting from the on-ear model. The over-ear model was not available for sale in my country, and now I'm regretting not buying them online. Sound quality is amazing however.

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