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PC Mag May 20, 2010

Stellar performance, a killer design, and a low price make the pocket-size Sony Alpha NEX-3 the compact interchangeable-lens camera to beat.

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Imaging Resource Jul 9, 2010

If Sony can improve the menu, fix the Playback mode, and add a Quick menu, we'll be even more excited, but for now we're content to have great looks, great features, and excellent, category-leading image quality, making the Sony NEX-3 a Dave's Pick.

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Pocket-Lint Aug 24, 2010

There is no doubting that the NEX-3 is a very capable hybrid camera and if you love the NEX-5, then the NEX-3 offers a more affordable route to much of the same goodness.

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CNET UK Jul 30, 2010

The Sony NEX-3 and NEX-5 combine startling innovation with cutting-edge technology, but they behave liked bigged-up compacts, not slimmed-down digital SLRs.

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Camera Labs Sep 1, 2010

There's simply so much that Sony's got right with these cameras, so much that's way ahead of the competition, that we find ourselves willing to accept the user interface and embrace what makes them special.

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TrustedReviews Mar 14, 2011

With its two NEX series models you feel that Sony has done just enough to stake its claim on the fledgling compact system camera market, whilst leaving plenty of room for refinement and improvement in future models ...

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Steve Huff Photo Jul 26, 2010

If you want a little smaller of a camera with a little bit better build, and 1080i HD video capability, you may want to spring the extra $149 for the 5. If you do not need, nor care about these features, the 3 at $549 is a great price for what you get.

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Photography Blog Sep 10, 2010

For more novice users on a budget, though, the Sony NEX-3 makes a logical step-up model from smaller-sensored compacts, and is our pick of the two new NEX cameras.

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papiermachebox papiermachebox

Great camera, with a large sensor. Takes great low light photos and you generally get a nice shallow DSLR-like depth-of-field, even with the kit lens. Easy for beginners and pros alike although could use more buttons as I still find myself digging through the menus from time to time. An excellent...

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markomarko markomarko

I love this camera. I am so glad I have purchased it instead of a point and shoot. This is my first decent quality camera with full manual control, and I love the photographs I can make in low light conditions. I also love playing with the settings and getting interesting results.

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EddieJason EddieJason

The smallest camera to have an full size aps-c censor. The Sony Apha mount allows for several interchangeable lenses. Perfect for sneaking into a concert at a venue that doesn't allow for pro photography.

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tugtim tugtim

This mirrorless Sony has a great image quality. I havent had a chance to use it with better lenses but even with kit lens this little monster does a great job. If you need a professional camera and need something not like a bulk this would be the best option imo. Still Sony has to add more lenses...

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tatsumaki tatsumaki

The NEX-3 was my first venture outside the world of point-and-shoot cameras and I cannot say I've been disappointed one bit. Indeed, the great photos I've been able to capture have pushed me to wanting things that never mattered to me on a camera like an EVF and more control knobs. Most of what...

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