August 24th 2011 11:32 am

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by jonfingas

What camera do you recommend for street photography -- if any?
It's one thing to take photos on a hike or at a friend's wedding, but it's another to just walk around downtown snapping photos of street life; you probably want a light, portable camera with good mid-range (if not close-up) lenses. What dedicated camera do you have and/or recommend for that purpose... if you use one at all?
I have a Sony NEX-5N, and it's still a fun mirrorless cam for those times when I want high-quality shots on the street. It's very portable and easy to use one-handed. That... Read more →

by kris

Did you migrate back to Flickr?
Anyone who was on the Internet last week probably heard about the changes to Instagram's Terms of Service, where they say they can sell your photos to advertisers and other such commercial interests... at least, that's what everyone was going around saying. The Verge laid it out here:
Eventually they reversed course on the changes, but maybe it was too little, too late:... Read more →

by ricardogordon1

Recommendation for E series lenses for the Sony NEX 5n
I have just bought a Sony NEX 5n, love the camera but already finding the stock lens limiting. I am a novice but as I have been told I am learning quickly. I need some advice/guidance on what a Prime, Wide Angel and Zoom lens to purchase (looking to pay between $200 - $700 per lens). Thanks in advance