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  • Image quality Really cannot believe some of the pictures this is able to produce great!
  • Video quality No comments
  • Battery life Used this for an extended trip with no charger and got 200-300 pictures taken. good
  • Design and form factor Absolutely perfect size and combination of controls. I was worried about holding it but it was fine. great!
  • Durability No comments
  • Speed (start-up time, lag) The flash can be slow at some points but overall focus and image process speeds are pretty good. good
  • Ease of use Coming from a Canon it was a bit of work to get comfortable with it but just stick with it and it becomes second nature. good
Detailed review
My goal when shopping for a camera was something that was small but with the ability to be more than a P&S. There were a lot of pro-sumer type P&S on the market but in the end I settled on the RX100 as a long term investment and couldn't be happier. First off the camera is a blast to use, just a lot of fun. Between the menu system, adjustable flash and focus ring I was having fun jumping between different settings to get my shots. The menu system took some playing around with to get comfortable (Sony neglects to include a physical manual) but spend an hour clicking through and you'll get it.

The size of the camera made it great for walk about shooting, I could easily leave it and grab some quick shots then continue moving; this was something I always disliked with my dSLR as it often felt too bulky to just keep out and walk around with. You could fit this in your pocket if you felt inclined too. Handling the RX100 can be a love it or hate it affair, for me it was love it. I can easily hold it in one hand and frame my shots but I can see how some people may feel the need to add a grip or use two hands.

Picture quality is absolutely stunning for P&S I really can't believe how clear some of the pictures are. Here is a low light: 500px.com­/photo­/19683635 and here is an outdoor shot on a sunny day: 500px.com­/photo­/20543299

The bottom line with any purchase is return on investment and this was something where I felt the extra $200 over competitors was well worth it. Where I felt others were just adding nice to have type features like WiFi or GPS, Sony opted to focus on performance. Spend the money and get the RX100, you will not be disappointed at all.