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Sony's MDR-1 headphones are available in both wireless Bluetooth and noise-canceling varieties, as well as the traditional style. For all three models the design is largely the same, with CNET calling the fit and feel "excellent," and PC Mag describing the design as "graceful." The MDR-1 headphones are also incredibly comfortable, with Wired saying they "feel fantastic on your head," and Pocket-Lint found that they "sit securely without skull-pinching so are perfect for long periods of wear." With three types of headphones available, the audio quality might usually vary greatly between models, but not the MDR-1. Wired thinks the pair equipped with Bluetooth "sound great," and PC Mag says the noise canceling model offers "wonderful" audio performance. However, audiophiles should be careful, as Pocket-Lint says the "sound isn't particularly neutral." With the MDR-1 line, Sony has crafted a model of headphones ready to meet a wide variety of needs, while still offering a relatively uniform audio experience and comfort across the board. Just be mindful of the price, as this style and sound doesn't come cheap.

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CNET Dec 13, 2012

It's true that Sony's MDR-1R headphones come with a lofty price tag, but if you're searching for highly accurate-sounding headphones with style and substance, they deserve your attention.

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Wired Apr 2, 2013

Yes, they cost a little more than wired headphones, but they deliver wireless convenience, astonishing comfort and outstanding audio. If these things matter to you, and you’re down with Bluetooth, dive right in unafraid. These are the among the best Bluetooth headphones we’ve tried.

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PC Mag Apr 5, 2013

The Sony MDR-1R is a powerful, clean-performing pair of headphones that's comfortable to wear and lends itself well to multiple genres of music.

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PC Mag Apr 15, 2013

The Sony MDR1-RNC offers laudable audio quality and solid noise cancellation, but despite top-notch performance, it's priced too high.

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Sound+Vision Feb 20, 2014

While it’s not suitable for a high-end head-fi system, it is brilliant at its chosen mission of making mobile devices sound as smooth and listenable as possible. I plan to get a lot more casual use out of my pair. Feeling good is good.

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Pocket-Lint Nov 14, 2012

Stylish, comfortable, an awesome home listen and, daresay, prestigious on all counts. Get them for the right price and they sure won't disappoint.

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nikonwhore nikonwhore

Sound wise- these are fantastic- after using these for about six months, I've really come to appreciate these for vocals. Compared to my other cans- Shure SRH840, Beyerdynamic DT1350, Sony XBA3 and Skullcandy MixMaster, these have a lot less thump and clash. Specifically, these don't have a...

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runninman runninman

Great potential hidden behind poorly crafted instruction manual. Incredible that Sony would put so much money into R&D, manufacturing and marketing but fail in the final step of making sure the consumer can use this product up to its full potential.

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