October 7th 2010 12:59 am

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  • Picture quality Not the best LCD, but gets the job done for video. Input latency kinda making gaming not that great though. so-so
  • Sound quality I have it hooked to a receiver, the on-board speakers are about average, not all that great. so-so
  • Media support HULU and Mainstream Media block the device. You'll need UPnP server like PlayOn to view anything that is not Netflix or Youtube. Youtube "leanback" is a joke. awful!
  • Other features (networking, etc.) No Apps (like other android devices), just glorified links to lame webpages. awful!
Detailed review
Google Dropped the ball with this device. I got this in the hopes of eliminating the need to switch between devices to watch things online and what I thought was inevitable, an app store. No app store and the device is blacklisted by 'Hollywood.'

Next time I am getting a large LCD or Plasma display unit and hooking it to a media center PC.
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Edited comment on Media support
Edited comment on Media support