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Ars Technica Oct 16, 2008

Overall, the official PS3 Bluetooth headset and the associated firmware features for it are an excellent step towards a new age for voice chat on the system.

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CrunchGear Dec 16, 2008

Final Thoughts: If you don’t already have a headset for your PS3 and want respectable battery life and the convenience of a dock and desktop mode, this is probably the one to get. If you want a headset for your phone, you are probably better off trying a dedicated mobile phone headset.

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mythter mythter

Well I wanted wireless so I bought this to replace the wired Logitech (PS2) headset that I've been using for years The Good: I have to say the setup up was simple you just plug and play and is light for its size. Microphone sound quality is good. The headset can be changed from ear to ear...

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tatsumaki tatsumaki

Hands down, the most powerful aspect of this headset is its battery life. I tend to use it connected to my mobile while playing games online with one friend at a time (for privacy's sake) and one charge usually gets me through a week of extended gaming. Other nice features include the...

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ylksa ylksa

I would suggest trying to find another bluetooth headset instead of this one, it looks nice and it does the job but it's not comfortable if you will be using it for a long time and The noise reduction is almost non-existent.

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