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kris kris

This was a joint Christmas gift for me and my brother back in '96, and I had to bully my brother into putting it on his wish list as well because he wanted a Nintendo 64 more. Later on he would tell me he was glad we got the PlayStation instead. The main reason to get this was for the games,...

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GeekOfComedy GeekOfComedy

I first played with this probably since I was 3-4 I think and my first game was indeed the original Lara Croft Tomb Raider playing the caves level (I know, shooting wolves at this age, but I had action man too)

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The Playstation 1 is a nostalgic favourite of mine. I owned two of the consoles at different times over 4 years. Each time I sold them because I found that I was spending too much time gaming and too little time studying. Final Fantasy 7, Warhammer; Dark Omen, Red Alert and Diablo were some of my...

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This device was made ​​two years before I was born. I got him approximately in 2002 as a Christmas gift. I remember that day, I wanted to get computer. Then it was almost every friend (some already have PC). I remember how much time I spended with playing the console. My favorite game was...

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JoshuaLane JoshuaLane

I don't have a friend that didn't own this consol. I still feel pretty bad for turning it in for a brand new PS2. When I was young, I was lucky enough to have parents that made sure I had the new greatest toy. Not always, but when it counted. I never had a Nintendo 64, which I am still...

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Mickykitsune Mickykitsune

Wonderful library of games, with huge variety and a wide array of developers and content producers. Its controllers set the standard for years to come. It had its flaws, sure, but it was great for its day.

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Enox Enox

What can I say? This is a classic console, and I've rated it as such. Some of the greatest video games of all time were born on the PS1. Graphically amazing for its time, and it defined form factor for controllers.

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