August 18th 2009 1:49 pm

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by coologuy1957

About PS3 firmware update 3.
40 I updated to the new 3.40 firmware last night and didn't see many changes. Two items I saw were an updated picture gallery that allowed for Picasa and Facebook uploads and a video editor program that allowed you to edit local videos and upload them to Facebook or Youtube. The only other changes I read about are the ability to get PlayStation Plus and rate PlayStation Store purchases. I may get PlayStation Plus once I see what kind of content they offer after a few months since I buy lots... Read more →

by coologuy1957

Blu-ray video and audio bitrate list:
I'm gonna start making a list for blu-rays I watch where I list the average video/audio bitrate for those interested. This is not scientific or measured - it is purely observational. When I watch these movies, I will generally check (by hitting "Display" on the PS3 blu-ray remote or my Harmony remote) every 10 to 20 minutes. Avatar - average video bitrate of 31 Mbps [AVC]- fixed audio bitrate of 7.5 Mbps [DTS-HD 5.1] Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - average video bitrate of 25... Read more →

by dave

Red Dead Redemption is out on May 18th. Are you getting it?
Personally, I have some bizarre, guilty pleasure of enjoying spaghetti westerns. This new open-ended game from Rockstar Games looks so fun and I can't wait for its release. I'll probably be picking up a copy the day it comes out on the PS3. It even has multiplayer. Maybe we can get some folks together and start a gdgt posse! Anyway, it looks awesome. Trailer:

by user9fe29c21c10

3D for your PS3 - What is your thoughts on that?
As many of you already know, Sony has promised a firmware update in the summer. This Firmware upgrade will enable your PS3 to play Blu-Ray 3D Movies. I love this, when I myself is a lucky owner of the PS3. But i have been wondering how this will affect the sales, when it comes to the Xbox360 vs PS3 battle. And do you think it will be smooth? Does the PS3 have the horsepower? Can it multi-task while playing 3D Blu-Rays?

by johnandjulie13

How is this working? Music Streaming question
Playing around with my PS3, I am able to access all of my stored on my PC. The PS3 is connected to my A/V processor and the music output is suprisingly good. Lacking any technical abilities, I am curious as to how this works. Is the music already in analog form when it goes from the PC to the PS3? From the PS3 to the A/V Processor? Any feedback would be appreciated. The PS3 accesses my music library via wireless and is connected to my A/V process by optical cable. The display on the PS3...

by the12black

Sony: Missing the FPS boat?
First Person Shooter (FPS) games are fun. FPS are becoming as varied as racing games, from truly arcade (Unreal Tournament), to strategic (MAG, CoD:MW), to role play (Borderlands) - there's a FPS for everyone. But let's face it, without precision control, in an easy-to-use platform, all that something for everyone falls on it's face. Point and click. Click and kill. Is there any action in all of gaming so simply, yet brutally, poetic? Sure there's a generation of HALO gamers now... Read more →

by markman

Good for Netflix streaming and Pandora/Rhapsody?
I'm considering buying the PS3 Slim, not so much for games, but for the Blu-Ray player and Netflix streaming. Seems like the other Blu-Ray players out there with Netflix streaming capabilities (e.g. Samsung BD-P3600 or LGBD390) have a number of issues. How is the performance and quality of streaming Netflix movies? Also, through the Web browser I'm assuming you get use services like Pandora or Rhapsody as well as YouTube. Any issues with any of those? Thanks!

by efibarra

Modern Warfare 2 on the PSN
All of my friends have this game for the 360 but I sold mine to buy a PS3. Anyone have Modern Warfare 2 for the PS3, and if so, are you enjoying it? Is there any difference from the 360 version aside from the online experience? P.S. I need some PSN friends so share your gamertags if you want to play online. Mine is:  Tarantulas33

by deinfinityx

Netflix coming to the PS3
details Well the next major player for streaming netflix is the PS3, now the only thing i know about it is you have to buy a $10 disc and have to leave it in the console to play the movies or something like that. But this does kind of round out the system and make it even more marketable.

by theEDJ

Uncharted 2 Bundle Update?
Hey guys, the disc drive on my PS3 just fried after my roommate's ridiculous BioShock marathons and irresponsibility in turning the system off and keeping food away from it. I'm interested in a 250 GB PS3 bundle that was rumored to be coming with Uncharted 2. I was just wondering if anyone had any other incite into whether the rumors will come to fruition sooner rather than later. I need to replace my 60 GB model asap :(

by anon1980

PS3 game zones
After the price cut I bought a new PS3 slim and noticed that there is a zoning for games. It states my zone for games is zone 4 and the game I got (little big planet) with the console also had a zone of 4. There isn't much out there about the zoning for PS3 games in the internet and all those state there is no zoning for games. So my question is has there always been zoning for games, and if so which countries have which zones? Did this zoning business begin with the PS3 slim? but the copy... Read more →

by baksharp

PS3 Slim Controller Blinking lights issue, any ideas?
Hi, Ran into an issue with the the PS3 Slim Controller Blinking lights. Tried - charging for more than 5-6 hrs and then pairing by pressing PS and then unplug but no connection. - keeps Blinking and then stops - which makes me think it is fully charged and then after a minute or so - starts blinking again. - tried PS3 Slim poweroff, unplug usb cable and then controller by pressing the reset button on back near the middle screw, but in vain. - also tried to see if Bluetooth settings had anything... Read more →

by baksharp

PS3 Slim and Optical Audio output issue
Hi, FYI - incase it helps anybody!.... I ran into an issue with the Optical Audio otput on PS3. Spent quite a few days trying to resolve it - as the Optical Audio just will not work!. Sound worked fine coming out of SCART AV cable, but no optical audio. Fix: - played with the sound settings on PS3 slim using controller and found that after selecting the Audio Options, need to shift Joy-Stick to right to reveal the settings feature. Which when saved,got it working. For some reason i could sware... Read more →