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I bought my PSP-1000 from my brother in interest of homebrewing it. I found a really straightforward tutorial on loading the M33 custom firmware, and now I can play NES, SNES, gameboy color, gameboy advance, sega genesis, and PSP ISOs all on there. I'm not necessarily advocating using the ISO-reading ability to steal games, but rather to make ISOs of your own games in order to save battery life.

I think the amount of enjoyment anyone gets from a PSP directly relates to what they use it for. True, it is not an ideal MP3 player, but watching LOST and Battlestar Galactica on there has been really nice for me. Having ISOs is nice, because I can fit 4 or 5 games on one memory card plus all the emulator ROMs.

Personally, I would really only recommend the PSP to someone with a little extra money who was interested in something to mess around with. Not an excellent primary source of entertainment, but I have enjoyed it thoroughly.