August 16th 2011 9:13 pm


by timchoi89

Can an imported Playstation Vita be localized for the US PSN store?
I'm going to Hong Kong in about a week and I'm thinking of getting a wifi PlayStation Vita there since it'll be released there before it comes out here in the US in Febuary. I'm concerned that if I buy the PSV there, I'll be stuck using the Asian PSN store and that I won't be able to use it with the US PSN store.

Does anyone know if I can change the settings for it to be localized for the US?

by N3SSQwiK

If you've had the first PSP, how likely is it that you are going to purchase the Vita?
Personally, I'm a bit apprehensive about purchasing the Vita and this is based on my experience with the first PSP. I remember the day I bought the PSP (March 24, 2005). I couldn't wait to get out of school (10th grade) to go pick up my preorder at Gamestop. It was the first video game device that I saved my hard earned $249.99 plus tax to purchase along with a few other games. All was great at first, but then it would be weeks before a game worth noticing would come out. Those weeks then turned... Read more →