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  • Game library There are a lot of games for the Vita, but I wouldn't say any are enticing enough to rush out for a Vita so-so
  • Graphics The OLED display is really top notch great!
  • Battery life I can go about 4-5 hours depending on the game. so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) It's got some weight to it but nothing bad good
  • Durability It feels like a tank good
Detailed review
This is the first portable console I've owned since the battery killing GameGear (though I guess you can technically count a smartphone) and so far I've been happy with it.

The battery life is right around 5 hours but this can largely depend on the game you're playing. With a game like Tearaway that is constantly using so many aspects of the device it can suck up a bit more battery. Since most of my gaming will be in shorter bursts this isn't really that much of a deal breaker for me. Especially since the standby time is close to a week.

The game library isn't that good as Nintendo but that's kind of to be expected. If you're just looking at physical copies of games there are a lot of spin-off games from more popular series like Uncharted, KillZone, and God of War but there are some hidden gems in there. Tearaway is a great game to buy if you want to experience every aspect of what the Vita is capable. The ability of the Vita is really shown off when you begin to browse the PSN store and realize just how much content is at a click away. PSN+ has earned it's keep already with just this months list of PSN+ member games.

My only real gripe with the device is that it can be uncomfortable to hold. I can feel my thumb getting stiff and tight depending on the type of game I'm playing since the joystick is so close to the buttons. I'm still adjusting and getting used to the device so it's possible I may settle in on a comfortable way of using the device.

On a side note, the newer Vita that hasn't released yet in the US is said to have better battery life than the current model due to the change in display. For me, the battery life is good enough that I don't think the wait is warranted. If you want more than five hours of battery life then perhaps wait and see.