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Putting all the "do I need this when I have a smartphone and/or tablet" aside – I can't say enough about how well Sony nailed the hardware on this bad boy. Holding a comfortable, beautifully built portable game system that actually "wows" me in 2012 is miraculous. The screen is the very antithesis of the 3DS. Large, beautiful, and inviting. The touch responsiveness is fantastic. The thumb sticks are excellent. And there is already a surprisingly great amount of quality games available – Uncharted, Super Stardust Delta, Rayman Origins, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Lumines, and WipEout. Despite all the hype around portable gaming consoles being labeled as a dying breed...I'll happily die lying on my couch or in my bed playing my Vita. It is a wonderfully gadget and gamer's dream come true.
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I bought the game tablet with some free gifts from http://goo.gl/gGA23, it's very cheap and cool!

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