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  • Game library I wish I could play more of my PSN games, but I have a feeling I won't have to wait too much longer good
  • Graphics better than I expected great!
  • Battery life not bad, the standby mode is great in that the battery life doesn't degrade from going off and on good
  • Portability (size / weight) My hands don't fit around the device perfectly, but I plan to get a peripheral. The bigass screen is awesome, but makes it harder to hold/carry. great!
  • Durability I have dropped it (not outside), and there's no visible marks or scratches. For the sake of fingerprints I'm glad I put a screen protector on day 1 good
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Awesome device. I've mainly used it so far to play demos, watch Netflix and play GoW: Ghost of Sparta (psp download). I have a 3G and was screwed out of the free game because I haven't purchased the month of 3G data yet, so I'm bitter about that. However the device is awesome and the game library is only going to get better!

I haven't bought any Vita games and have yet to try the augmented reality games, but it's awesome to have a device that is so versatile, yet has the focus on gaming. With Sony's history of continuing improvement and innovation I'm looking forward to the future of this device, including cross platform play and full games on a portable system!

UPDATE: Uncharted is an absolute must play on this system! Never played an Uncharted game before, but now I wanna go back and play them all! The game accurately shows off all the great features of the system, has a quality story, fantastic graphics and the game really sucks you in! Shooting takes some time to get used to with the sticks, but overall a great experience.

NEW UPDATE: Mortal Kombat, WipeOut 2048 and Resistance: Burning Skies are both awesome too! I bought Modnation Racers for cheap and if you can get it for $10 or less it's a good buy as a kart racer, but it doesn't measure up to Uncharted, MK or Resistance. Don't believe the horrid reviews of Resistance! I give it a 7/10 and have yet to play the high regarded multiplayer!

Mortal Kombat is a better experience than the console. There are some gimmicky modes, but it really takes great advantages of the touch screen and all the other "extra" features the Vita offers over the standard console controller. I really wish it was a cross play or cross-controller game!

New New Update: The PS+ games are awesome, CoD Declassified multiplayer does feel very close to playing CoD so that's pretty sweet. Escape Plan is a good game that's designed well for a handheld.
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