by DanCooper

How would you change Sony’s VAIO Fit 15?
Welcome to How Would You Change, where we ask you to join our forum and talk about what you’d change about a product that has been out on the market for a while. This week, it’s Sony’s VAIO Fit 15. When we reviewed it, the general consensus was that the unit kicked off back-to-school season on a strong note. Sony’s commitment to not scrimping on specs by including high-res screens and back-lit... Read more →

by Mehdi100

Best strategies to calibrate and maintain battery life in Vaio Fit 15
Hi, I purchased a Vaio fit 15 laptop computer (with of-course unchangeable battery) and I’m wondering if I need to calibrate the battery or not? The seller told me that it is needed and I have to discharge and charge it 3 times in order to be calibrated (I do it once till now).
Another issue: do you recommend keeping the battery charge between 40% and 60% or it’s not necessary?
My laptop computer will turn off by 7% of battery charge (my experience of first attempt to discharge!). I use my... Read more →