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First Looks

product preview
TrustedReviews Jan 9, 2014

Without the digitiser layer the Sony Vaio Fit 11a would seem like an odd halfway house between laptop and tablet, but with one it's an interesting and quirky hybrid that should interest those with design or art hobbies.

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product preview
Liliputing Jan 7, 2014

... the weight is well distributed and the computer is thin enough to easily grip in one hand. I wouldn’t want to do that for very long, but I could easily imaging sitting on the couch playing a game, reading a book, or surfing the web with this tablet.

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product preview
TechRadar Jan 7, 2014

At 11 inches and just 2.8 pounds, Sony's Fit line of hybrid laptops makes a lot more sense. And that Sony managed to provide a smooth touchpad that's close to full-size sweetens the deal.

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product preview
Digital Trends Jan 7, 2014

... a bit hefty for an 11-inch system, and the chassis is quite thick. Yet that thickness doesn’t translate to knockout performance; an Intel Pentium processor, rather than an Intel Core, lurks inside.

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cibernite1989 cibernite1989

It took lot of months for me to choose a convertible as my travel mate. Finally I took the Sony for two main reasons: price and features. I was lucky to find an incredible offer on Sony's Italy website, so I got the Pentium 3520 processor with 8gb of rams for only 630 euros (digitizer included),...

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