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by baileylo

Vizio M470NV tv randomly turns off and then back on - anybody know why?
I was roflstomping some noobs in bf3 last night when all of a sudden my tv froze and audio stopped. This last for about 3 to 4 seconds at which point the screen turned off. The Vizio logo on the front of the tv changed from the "on" status to the "off" status about 7 times. Then the tv turned back on, at which point some noob had stolen my dog tags. Needless to say I was humiliated.

This happened to me a couple months ago. Anybody have any clue why this is happening?

by Dpmt

I'm was just trying out my S10 Blade's Multi-I/O port, and ability to shoot out the 720p picture I payed for, and I hit a snag.
The pictures great but the sound isn't working well at all. The sound plays on the (much nicer) TV speaker. But it also plays on the tinny, shoddy laptop speakers as well. I can't find anyway to fix this. The computer only shows one playback device. The driver is fully updated according to the device manager and I can't think of what else to do so. Anybody had success getting audio out who can share some wisdom? Thanks.

by thunsaker

Sound cutting out
This has only happened once, so its not really a concern to me yet, but if it continues I won't be so happy. I was playing Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox over component set to 1080p with your standard Red/White audio connectors, nothing fancy. In the middle of the match the sound just stopped, I thought that I had been hit by a flashbang or something, then it continued silent despite my turning the volume up/down. I switched inputs and then back to the Xbox and the sound came back. I'm not... Read more →

by beejreit

I updated the screen resolution in the specs for this item on GDGT. I ran into overscan issues with my laptop. I corrected it by changing the output on my laptop to 1366x768 using DTD Calculator. I have noticed a green tint to some items when I do output, although this could very easily be my computer as any other hdmi sources look fantastic.

by bryantthesmith

Component Video Quality
I have been trying to tweak my component video quality and for the life of me I cannot get the contrast/brightness to not be crappy. It seems at any setting there is either no contrast or everything is too white. I tried using 2 different DVD players and a Wii. Dark areas in movies are grayish and it looks like everything is washed out. Anyone else have this problem? Composite/S-video, RGB (computer) and HDMI are all great, component sucks.