January 7th 2012 11:59 pm

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Vizio enters the laptop market, with mixed success


We wanted to love Vizio's underdog first laptop, and we did when we first took it out of the box. Despite having never made a PC before, the company managed to put out something truly beautiful, with a sharp screen, solid build quality, fast performance and a completely clean version of Windows. We applaud the implicit challenge to the HPs and Dells of the industry, which have gotten sloppy with some of their designs, and still load up computers with bloatware, thinking consumers won't put up a fight. Unfortunately, though, Vizio still has a good deal to learn about building PCs, and its inexperience shows in the jumpy trackpad, uncomfortable keyboard and wretchedly short battery life. We suspect the company will have plenty of fodder when it returns to the drawing board to plan its next generation of laptops. For now, though, we're hesitant to recommend the Thin + Light series based solely on looks, price or specs -- after all, a $900 MSRP doesn't make this thing any easier to use.

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Engadget Aug 10, 2012

Vizio's first laptop offers fast performance and zero bloatware in an attractive package, but it's marred by some serious usability flaws.

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PC World Aug 9, 2012

Vizio ships a sleek, gorgeous looking laptop that performs well, with an emphasis on usability over features.

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CNET Jul 31, 2012

Taking a bold step into the PC market, the Vizio Thin+Light CT14 is a fresh take on the 14-inch ultrabook, held back by some first-gen jitters.

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PC Mag Sep 25, 2012

The Vizio Thn + Light 14-inch (CT14-A2) is fast, bright, and nice to look at. But a couple of stumbles hold it back from reaching our top scores.

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ABC News Aug 9, 2012

Vizio's first laptop entry gets a lot right -- a nice design, clean software, good performance. However, the vitals -- a good keyboard and touchpad -- hold it back from standout status.

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Journal Journal

The reason that this computer is in my Had list shortly after release is because usability is terrible. The keys have little-to-no-travel. If you are looking anywhere other than the screen there is hardly any feedback you hit a key. It was the most disappointing experience I've had with a...

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