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Rich Maloy is currently working on a distributed processing application called SimIt!@HOME which will calculate all possible enhancement shaman spell rotations for any possible situation given any gear combination. The application will also have an option to calculate all potential scenarios in whi...

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February 12, 2010 at 9:00AM
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Remember the i-mate JAMA? Yeah, we don't really remember it either, but it looks like i-mate upped the specs on its JAMA 101 and 201 models just enough so that they might (emphasis on "might") get some notice the second time around. Designed to give the manufacturer a pair of lower-end options to ...

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Update: aside from being a dupe post, these are definitely fake. We posted recently about some potential patch notes for the upcoming 2.1.0 content patch, and now Ming's got vastly expanded "leaked" patch notes. I put "leaked" in quotations because these don't feel quite legit to me -- the language ...

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