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It's been a long, long time coming for Pentax lovers with big hands, but the medium format 645D is finally nearing completion. Announced way back in March of 2007, the former 30 megapixel concept is now a 40 megapixel monster, relying on a Kodak-sourced 44 x 33mm sensor that's more than twice as la...

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May 17, 2010 at 11:09AM
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We had a hunch that Pentax was readying a 645 Digital, and sure enough, the company has come clean with that very camera today. The May-bound 40 megapixel 645D is a medium format beast, but unlike similar options from Hasselblad, this one won't actually destroy your hopes of sending four generation...

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Got an itch that only a 30 megapixel shooter can scratch? Not really kosher on anything offered up by Hassleblad? For those odd, eccentric souls who somehow managed to answer "yes" to both of those inquiries, you'll be elated to know that Pentax's long awaited 645 Digital -- which was once rumored...

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