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Longtime developer Gregg Tavares recently appeared on the 8-4 Play podcast, where he revealed an interesting tidbit about 1993 fighting game Samurai Shodown. Prior to his development team getting code for the game to port it to the Neo Geo, a member of the team noticed something odd about the sword-...

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December 30, 2012 at 9:30PM
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Akira Yamaoka's business card may identify him as Grasshopper Manufacture's "Chief Sound Officer," but the leather-bound composer's new job embodies more than just audio. During an interview at the 8-4 Play podcast, Yamaoka detailed his role. "At Grasshopper, I'm creating sound, but not only s...

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According to industry vet Jake Kazdal, immediately following the completion of Rez, a small group of developers at United Game Artists worked on a prototype for Rez 2. Kazdal -- a man who's worked everywhere from Nintendo to Irem to Sega, and is currently developing Skulls of the Shogun -- also exp...

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