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Google won't shutter Wave entirely until April 30th, but the once clamored-for service is now seeing restrictions imposed upon it, as it prepares for its eventual rendezvous with the grim reaper. It's now read-only, which means new Waves are strictly verboten and those with anything of value in Mou

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February 1, 2012 at 1:38PM
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It's official, Wave fans: the Apache Software Foundation has accepted Wave for its incubator program. What's this mean? Well, the group will oversee future development of the Wave Federation protocols and the Wave In A Box product -- and those of you who absolutely cannot live without your Waves won

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So... that happened. Google Wave might be considered a success, if you value the insights gleaned from developing the platform, knowledge that will inform the company's many other products and services for some time to come. Then again, if your measure of success is a product that lasts for longer t

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