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The last time we had occasion to feature 8 Bit Weapon in this space, our man Seth had hacked his Nintendo Power Pad into a music controller. Now the team is back with something a little less strenuous -- but no less musical -- for all of you budding chiptune artists out there. The Digital Music Syn...

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February 11, 2010 at 4:05PM
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We're still reeling from Ben Heck's amazing PS3 laptop (which we'll be auctioning off for charity soon) but the man just hit us again with this amazing Apple IIGS laptop. Based off an original IIGS motherboard, the one-of-a-kind laptop features a 15-inch color screen, custom acrylic keyboard, a Co...

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Good grief! How do you make your vintage Apple II GS even cooler? Get Woz to sign it, of course. That's what Flickr user CharlieBrown (no relation) did, and we're jealous. Keep that thing away from sunlight, Chuck! "Apple II GS" posted by CharlieBrown. For the month of April, the theme fo...

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