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If the only thing preventing you from leaping off a tall building is the fear that gravity might turn your insides into outsides, Gaijin Entertainment and Topware Interactive have a solution: Skydive: Proximity Flight. The game, which has just debuted on the Xbox Live Arcade at a price of $7...

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March 20, 2014 at 5:00AM
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AAAaaAaaaAAaaAAAAaaaAA!! No, that's not the name of the game -- don't you remember the spelling lesson we gave you when the title was first announced? That's just an excited exclamation we howled upon seeing this terrific piece of news: Dejobaan's BASE jumping simulator/recipient of Joystiq's Title...

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Now, for the sake of clarity, we should explain what we mean when we say "title of the year". Dejobaan's upcoming BASE jumping simulator, which resembles a mash-up of Mirror's Edge and Pilotwings (check out a gameplay demo after the jump), doesn't really look like GOTY material (or GOTW material, f...

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